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Capture, analyse and manage your risk environment with the fastest and most intuitive tool on the market today.

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Inputting risk information and performing an initial assessment is lightning quick. Coral removes all the headaches that you've grown to hate with your spreadsheet based approach - version control, data integrity, reporting challenges etc.

We never lock your data in. You can export all your assessments into other software or presentation formats.


Ever heard of anyone being trained to use Facebook? No? So why do corporate IT systems still need expensive, large-scale training programs?

Coral borrows directly from consumer and social web technology to make itself super-fast and intuitive to use. You and your staff are instantly able to begin managing your risk environment without any specialist training.


Risk management is only as good as the data it relies upon, so why are so many other solutions so user unfriendly? Maybe because the person who bought the software never had to use it.

Coral was designed by risk practitioners for risk practitioners and makes risk management, dare we say, actually a pleasant experience.